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Nim Man Boogh (Half Man Horn)

Posted on August 27, 2014 in Persian Books

Bologna 2012 Selected Artwork

Selected Book at White Ravens 2012

Selected Book at 16th Children & Young Adults Festival Tehran 2012

The Official Representative of one of the neighboring countries which was ruled by the King of Iran, came to the king to pay his annual taxes. He said I’ve a few questions which if you give me the answers, I’ll be assured that you have a dominant culture in the region. The King called for his Ministers to gather at the Royal Palace and consult with each other and find the answers.

The Ministers couldn’t find any answers, therefore they ran away from the Palace because they were afraid of the King’s punishment.

On their way they met a villager named “Half Man Horn”, they were amazed to hear this strange name, the villager explained that: “My name was Mansoor. I took the “Man” out of my name “Man- Soor” and called myself “Half Man” because I am very humble and down to earth. Then I took the last part of my name “Man-Soor”; “Soor” which means trumpet and put “horn” instead. Finally, I put” half man” and “Horn” together and as result, my name became “Half Man Horn.” The ministers thought that he seems very clever and they decided to took him to the Palace to answer the questions….

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