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12 Short Stories

Posted on August 26, 2014 in Persian Books

Twelve Stories or Angels Have no Stories Lady is a collection of short stories selected among more than forty stories written by Seyyed Ali Shojaie during the last couple of years. Portrayed in an urban setting, the stories investigates human relations in any scale or of any sort trying to depict flaws of human relation through depiction of ordinary and gray people that can be found around us. The characters in these stories are usually simple-hearted people who easily make mistakes and knowingly or unknowingly embitter the sweetness of their lives. Twelve Stories just portrays the lives of people and avoids any sort of judgment in the narration process. The tales present a new perspective through looking from a different angle that juxtapose with people’s untold resolutions. They sometimes attempt to reshape and re-evaluate the laws of the universe. The relationship between husbands and wives, two friends, parents and children, or a group of friends provides the narratives with the platform for the author to manifest his critical view of the society that he thinks is thirsty for morality more than anything else in the world. Twelve stories is a warning for the unsightly reflection of a society that suffers from immorality.

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