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Narges Zayyani

Posted on September 10, 2014 in Graphic designers

Date of Birth:        1985

Place of Birth:       Shiraz, Iran

holds an MA in graphic design. She has produced more than fifty works including cover designs, posters and logos. She has also exhibited her works in a handful of exhibitions.

During his artistic career, she has tried her best to incorporate her academic knowledge into her creative work. In the volume Watch out! Take care of Rats… and others she has taken a big step toward finishing a unique art work. She has considered graphic design an intervening language that comes to being between the text and the images. She has given the work a new identity by amalgamating these two elements without falling into exaggeration and verbosity as if the graphic design is to offer new things retrieved from the depth of meaning…




Education: Master of Arts in Graphics

Bachelor of Arts in Graphics, Azad University of Art and Architecture, Tehran, Iran

Master of Arts in Graphics, Sooreh Art University, Tehran, Iran

  • Title of Thesis: A Survey on the Evolution of Human Body in Islamic Illustration to the End of the Safavid Period
  • Title of Practical part of Thesis: Book cover Designing with the Use of Human Figures in Illustrations

Certified from CaucasusUniversity’s Congress entitledStrategy, Design and Brand

Member of International Council of Graphic Design Association

Honorary Member of graphic design in Institute of Contemporary Arts

Member of Association of Visual Arts and Handicrafts of Fars

Publication of an article entitled “Study of the Evolution of Human Body in Mughal Period Illustrations” in Research Journal of University of Isfahan

Publication of an article entitled “Pathology of teaching graphics in technical institutes in recent years in Neshan-e-Ordibehesht Fourth Research Contest (IGDS Journal) in 2014

Publication of a Translated Article entitled “First, the idea, then, a language between 1930s and 1968″ in Neshan-e-Ordibehesht Fourth Research Contest (IGDS Journal) in 2014

Work experience: working as a graphic designer in Hamrang Graphic Company with the management of Mr. Onish Aminelahi – Tehran

Cover Designer in, Neyestan,Qoqnoos, Amoot and Kelk-e-Zarrin Publications.

Cooperation with Organization of Tehran Beautification– Tehran Municipality for designing billboards
Teaching at art institutions and universities of Shiraz

Delivering a lecture on designing book covers at Artistic Center of Fars in 2013

Solo exhibition entitled “Narges Zayyani Tentative Book Cover” with the use of human figures in Illustrations at Artistic Center of Fars in 2013

Solo Exhibition in designing posters with an approach toward book layout design in Safavid Era, at Vesal Gallery of Shiraz in 2012

Doubles exhibition in designing book covers and posters at Saba Art and Cultural Institute (Academy of Arts) in Tehran, 2013

Group exhibition in Typography in Shiraz, 2009

One of the selected members of Soogvareh Contest for designing Ashura Mourning Poster, Organization of Tehran Beautification– Tehran Municipality, 2012

Selection and representation of book covers and illustrations in Ukraine COW International Design Festival, 2013