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What If The Snowman Won`t Melt?

Posted on September 10, 2014 in Translated Books

“Book of the Month” Selected by German Academy for Children’s Literature, May 2013

“I’m happy and honored that the present book has become a window through which I can interact with my young friends in Switzerland and can greet every single one of them whose love and kindness is not encircled by boarders.”

In a small town, the kids try to build the biggest snowman that any one has ever seen!

After they finally finish the job, they invite their families and friends to come and see the biggest snowman that they have built.

The next day when people wake up, they find out that they all should be at the service of this big creature and obey whatever he demands…

Then when it comes the time for spring to enter the town and the Sun to shine, the snowman resists …

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