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Watch out! Take care of Rats… and others

Posted on September 10, 2014 in Persian Books

is the story of a group of timeless and placeless villagers who are attacked by rats. The army of rats chew out the orchards and plantations and destroy everything on their way. Their population is so huge that no matter how many of them are killed by humans they won’t surrender. As the story says, even a mountain of mousetrap cannot defeat them.

Tired of and fed up with the rats’ attack, people come together to discuss the disaster. The chief of the village suggests asking the cats who were the biggest enemy of rats to help them in this dispute. People convene another meeting to recruit the biggest and the most powerful army of cats.

Everything goes well at the beginning. The cats deliver hundred dead rats every day at the village center. Gradually, the number of delivered rats shrinks. When people go to the commander of the cat army to ask the reason, the commander says: we cannot limit ourselves to just eating rats. We need meat, milk, chicken and some bread in our diet.

Having no other option, the villagers agree to provide meat, milk, chicken and bread for the cats. Despite their new agreement, the number of delivered rats still declines day by day.

The villagers who are desperate by this point decide to investigate the problem by sending a secret agent to where the cats spend their time. Surprisingly, they find out that a huge feast goes one every night outside the village. The cats eat the meat, milk, chicken and bread the villagers provide for them and the rats on the other side eat from villagers’ supply of wheat.

Angry and astonished, the villagers go to the head of the village chief to tell him of the deal with the cats and rats when they astonishingly find out about another deal: the commander of cats delivers meat, milk, chicken and bread to the village chief…

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