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I Found My White Rabbit in the Spring

Posted on August 25, 2014 in Persian Books

Spring: The little girl wears the blossom dress in the spring. She loses her dress between the blossom but she sees her white rabbit is coming to her.

Summer: The little girl wears her green shoes in the summer. But her green shoes join the green summer. In the summer that blossoms change into fruits she finds her blossom dress between the green trees.

Autumn: The little girl has a yellow canary. In the fall the canary escapes and hides between yellow leaves. But she finds her green shoes between the yellow leaves.

Winter: The little girl has a white rabbit. In the winter when snow falls, the white rabbit is lost in the white winter. But little girl finds her yellow canary, then she lets her free and tells her to go anywhere she likes.

Spring: Spring comes back and the little girl wears her blossom dress and runs toward outside. She finds her little white rabbit in the green spring and lets her free.

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