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Seyed Ali Shojaee

Posted on August 22, 2014 in Authors

Date of Birth:        1983

Place of Birth:       Tehran, Iran

B. E. in Industrial Engineering, System Analyzing

Deputy Head of Neyestan Book Publishing House (Tehran- Iran)


-Recipient of an Excellent Award from “The Season Book Festival” for authoring the book “The Stars which are not very Far”

-Recipient of “The Quranic Stories Festival Award “ for authoring the book “Falling in love at the time of inscriptions”

-Recipient of an Excellence Award from “The Children and Adolescents Festival” for authoring the book “What if the Snowman Won’t Melt?”

-Recipient of a national award from “The Iranian Young Festival” for authoring the book “Season of Laylas’ Loves”


Author of 8 Books in Persian Language;

– “The Stars that are Not very Far” (12 short stories)

– “Love at the Time of Epigraphs” (9 short stories)

– “What if the Snowman Won’t Melt?” (Picture Book)

– “ Season of Love for Leilas” (A novel)

– “Angels have no stories” (14 short stories)

– “Nim Man Boogh” (Half Man Horn)

– “H.S.N”


-Holding an Individual expo with 25 artworks in conceptual art style, Iran 2005

-Holding 10 workshops on western and Iranian art and story writing methods for young writers and college students, Iran 2008-2012

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